U & I Home Decorating and Stagings goal is to work closely with our clients to determine and create an environment that is a reflection of their needs. Whether a single room or an entire home, no project is too big or small. We believe open communication is the key to achieving your desired results. U & I prides itself on meeting all budget and scheduling requirements.

Consultation for Decorating, Redesign, or Staging:
What to expect:
We will get together to discuss your goals, expectations and budget. Please allow approximately two hours for U & I consultant to tour the rooms of interest in your home.

Do it yourself action plan consultation with helpful tips on furniture placement layout, paint color selections, artwork, curb appeal, lighting, and how to improvements. Ask about helpful photo’s, links for items to purchase or view, as well as a list of accessory items needed for rooms. These can be sent to client for an extra fee. Fee will depend on how many rooms and items that are requested.

NOT A DO IT YOURSELF PERSON or you just do not have the time?
Perhaps we can arrange for part DIY and Part U & I very popular.

We work within budgets large or small…

Full service Decorating: With U & I, the possibilities are endless.

  • Interior Decorating: C.I.D. –Our motto Rethink, Reuse, Refresh or start with new.
  • Color, Fabric, and Finish Consultations: Do you need paint color selection and ideas we can make it easy on you.
    Consultation prices apply.

Personal Décor Shopping:
Hate shopping; we will do it for you.

Holiday and Special Event Decorating:
No time or energy to decorate for that special day or event give us a call we can help.
Priced per project.

Landscape Design: C.L.D.
Consultation and drawings when applicable.
Priced per project.

Custom hand painted art pieces on canvas or other mediums.
Priced per project.

Staging: C.S.E.
COMMERCIAL property Staging is our specialty with Club rooms, Offices, and amenity outdoor areas. All pieces are purchased and owned by Client.

Consultations only for RESIDENTIAL. We do not have our own furnishings these items would be rented. A contract between rental company and client would need to be signed. Normal 3 month minimum. We are happy to help with selection and be there to help with placement.

We would be happy to discuss pricing with you when you call with your specific needs.
Painting and other carpentry needs will be priced separately.

  • In addition to staging prices; Rental rates may apply and will vary if you are not using your own furniture pieces, for instance leased furniture prices will vary and are approximate.
  • Full staging: $375 to $500 per month depending on rooms and amount of pieces. (quality and need will determine) $1,500 approximate 
  • Light staging with vignettes: $200 to $400 per month
  • Please keep in mind that these are in addition to the fee for the stager and consultant…no hidden fees.